Why the live show? Because we bring out people from the wine and service industry to tell the truth about drinking, dining, and the messed up stuff that happens when we don’t go home after the work is done.
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How we got here
30 years ago I was doing Stand Up in L.A. I wasn’t very good but kept working at it and stumbled into a few magical moments that I’ll never forget. One was meeting an inebriated Sam Kinison at the Improv who invited me do ten minutes opening for him at the Comedy Store. I told him he was full of shit and he wouldn’t remember. He did. At the time Sam (insert link) was the hottest comic in LA, at the peak of his game. I showed up on Monday night before the show expecting to be turned away. Instead a man ushered me backstage. Sam was sitting in a chair like the king that he was and jumped my stumbling words: “Yeah, I remember. Do you’re ten minutes. Good luck.” I went out and did okay, all things considered. And I NEVER forgot that.
The Tonight Show didn’t call and I didn’t end up writing skits for SNL. But the good news is that I no longer sleep in a 1977 VW Rabbit. Even better, I moved to New York, fell in love and raised a beautiful family. I also got into the wine and spirits business. After I found out that selling fancy wine pays better than being heckled, I never looked back.
Life was good but the voice that told me leave my home town of Boston and move to LA, sleep in my car and do stand up, was back. This time it wasn’t enough to do a PODCAST. I had to do a live show hosting the DRINKING ON THE JOB storytelling night, which meant I had to listen with my whole heart to that voice in order to tap into what I now know as my Divine self.
It takes courage to hold that mic. I’ve had storytellers drop out or change their mind at the very last minute and not get on stage. I remind them that life isn’t supposed to feel safe all the time and that you can’t see the future from middle, you have to walk on the edge. Venture to the edge and tell your story. The view is better than anything you can imagine. And here’s the best part: I’m giving out 10-minute slots. See you at the bar.


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